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Protur Safari Park Mallorca / Sa Coma

Protur Safari Park
Mallorca / Sa Coma
4 Sterne - DZ/HP

schon ab 525 €

WOW Bodrum Resort Bodrum / Gümbet

WOW Bodrum Resort
Bodrum / Gümbet
5 Sterne - DZ/ÜF

schon ab 389 €

Sunrise Select Garden Rotes Meer / Hurghada

Sunrise Select Garden
Rotes Meer / Hurghada
5 Sterne - All Inclusive

schon ab 869 €

Real estate in Tulum in a modern way

Real estate in Mexico is an option for expats who want to live in a warm climate all year round, who are tired of the cold in more northern countries, or who want to live there for the duration of their vacation. We offer options that are truly worthy of every demanding citizen of any country.

Real estate in Tulum in a modern way

We rely mainly on real estate on the coast of the sea, river or large lake. One of the criteria is the availability of a convenient beach within walking distance. Our catalog has real estate in Tulum for sale - and providing it for rent in a form that is already completely ready for living.

Our advantages

Clients and buyers who need a place to live in Tulum in a completely ready-to-live-in condition can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. The warmth that characterizes Mexico all year round, the abundance of sun, a healthy maritime climate, a picturesque view of the area with good views of it. Contact with tropical nature will never get boring.
  2. Modernly furnished rooms in houses for all the needs of a modern person. For long-term buyers - an improved layout of the residential area with convenient infrastructure.
  3. Round-the-clock guarded parking zone, shops, pharmacies, hypermarkets - not far, in a matter of minutes by car. There is also an underground parking area.
  4. Environmental friendliness and comfort in a modern way. Even people who are very demanding on the peculiarities of the local climate (according to the testimony of a doctor) will like it here.

If you have specific questions that you did not find the answer to on our website, then use the free consultation of our managers. We will do our best to make you happy with your choice - in every sense.

Real estate in Tulum in a modern way

Why should you contact us?

In Mexico - for those who have chosen this particular country to live - we will provide truly comfortable conditions. Features and signs of the local fauna should not become an extra doubt for you to settle down to live here: unity with nature and modern achievements in terms of construction allow you to bring your dream closer to reality, to bring it to life.

Tulum is a place for true connoisseurs of changes in life and just for those who often move, love to communicate with thousands of interesting people of different faiths and cultures. Let your purchase in Tulum be a great gift for you!

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